Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I got a call from H yesterday, he told me that the divorce papers were sent to his attorney..Instead of having him served, I  had the papers sent to his attorney who will, in turn, serve him.  H then  has to sign them as an acknowledgement of being served and the official proceedings will then begin.

As they say at the racetrack "And they're off!"  Off and running, running away from a marriage that just didn't fit toward a life that I have high hopes for.

Even tho I knew the papers were drawn up and going to be delivered, when they were, and I got that call, my stomach dropped.  I think I may have even shed a tear (more about my aversion to crying another time).  Yes, I want this divorce, yes I started the process, but it still stung when I knew it was  to become a reality..

I have such mixed emotions right now, I can't even pull them apart to get a good look at them.  It's like when you have your phone charger cord wrapped up into your I pod charger cord and your camera charger cord is wound up in there too... Until you can carefully extract each cord, you can't use them...

That's it, my emotions are electrical cords all mixed together..

QT will be staying with H tonight, he has him every Wednesday night, so maybe I can get into my thoughts and feel them out...

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  1. Oh dear, I know how you feel. Our proceedings are SLOW, and even though I pushed for the divorce in the end, I still am in total denial.

    I'm going to remember this sentence, cause my dear, it's my life too: "a marriage that just didn't fit toward a life that I have high hopes for."

    Hearing another mom say this makes me feel better - so less selfish. We have one life. And while our job #1 is to do the best for our kids, we also have a responsibility to ourselves.

    Good luck tonight. I suggest a big glass(es) of wine.