Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy's House

As I have mentioned before, QT is almost two. And like most mothers, I think he is quite smart.  He knows lots of letter and numbers.  He knows he has two feet and ten toes and that Elmo certainly does NOT go in the choo choo.

He also knows what is going on with his dad and me.  I wish I could get inside his little mind and take a snapshot.  On the way home from daycare last week, we were chatting away like we always do, well, more like me chatting and him giggling, when out of his mouth comes "mommy's house".  Huh? Okay, maybe he didn't say what I thought he said.  The next day he said it again as we were pulling into our neighborhood.  I said "yes, we are going to mommy's house."  He knows now that mommy and daddy have different houses. 

I wasen't sure how to feel about this..

The little guy is aware that mommy and daddy don't live in the same house.  On one hand, that is a good thing, he is aware of his surroundings..On the other hand, is it taking something away from him? Some sort of innocence lost? On still another hand, could it somehow benefit him to have two houses? I mean think about it...Two rooms, two sets of toys..From what I can see, he does not seem to be adversely affected.  Sometimes when H and I do the hand off QT gets upset, he did yesterday when I picking him up from H's house..But that didn't last long, about 10 minutes of crying, then he was fine..But was he?

There is no doubt that this divorce will have some sort of impact on QT, I suppose only time will tell what sort of impact it will have..

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  1. I can only say what others have told me, which is that he's so young that he will remember nothing and will adjust quickly.

    You could try reading him the Two Homes book, although it's a bit advanced for his age. And he may not need it.

    But I can say that I feel your pain and questions.