Tuesday, October 16, 2012

QT's Birthday and Technical Difficulties

First off, I know I have been a terrible blogger..I know I know..{{Hangs head}} But I have been experiencing some technical difficulties..More about that later..

Lets talk about my toddler!!!! QT had a birthday! He turned two..And no, I cannot believe that my little miracle, my little meatloaf is a walking, talking, one toddler wrecking machine..He laughs all the time is easy going and sweet.  I am so very grateful, he is here against all odds and is thriving. 

Yes, against all odds.  According to the doctors, a baby for H and I was out of the question, due to fertility issues, the detail of which I won't bore you..Suffice it to say we gave up..And I guess it is true, once you give up, that's when it all happens.  So yes, QT is a miracle..I think that is why he is so special, well that and the fact that he came out of MY body..

So, we threw a party to honor the blessed occasion of QT's natal day and much cake and coffee was consumed..  Most of my family doesn't yet know of my impending divorce and I certainly wasn't going to announce it.  Consequently, there was no tension or awkwardness between them and H.  His mother on the other hand....Well, just leave it at the..

Ok, so onto the technical difficulties...It has nothing to do with a computer or a website, and everything to do with my home.  It was invaded about three weeks ago.  It was invaded by H.  He decided that it was best for him to move back in, and on advice from his lawyer, to not tell me (he moved out in June)..So imagine my surprise when he showed up with QT and announced that he had moved back in..Needless to say it did not go over well with me, for so many reasons.  I won't list them as I am sure you can imagine...

So the technical difficulty has been to diffuse and rectify this situation.  It has been a trying time and has tested so much of my will, psyche and soul.  I view it as another tunnel to pass thru on my way to the brighter, happy, sunny and bright times..And I know they will be bright, with QT by my side, anything can happen..I know now, more than ever, who I am and how strong I can be..

I hope these difficulties are resolved soon.  It is too bad there is not a help desk we can call to "fix" marital problems...