Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Reach Out From the Inside

Ever have ONE of those days? You know, those days that make you crave a pair of jammies, a blanket, a cup of hot tea and some old black and white movies? A real close the blinds turn off the ringer kind of day..

Well, I had one yesterday..Physically I was not at my best.  My stomach was doing it's best to remind me of my stress related IBS flare ups and my sinuses were on fire, I was tired and my eyes hurt..Add that to the never ending divorce drama and some substantial staff movement where I work and it was a recipe for disaster..It was all I could do to get thru the day intact..I did it, I made it thru..

In the past, before QT and really even before I was married, these type of days ended with me in the aforementioned jammies, tea in hand hiding under a blanket.  Not anymore..After the hellish day at work, I had to pick QT up at daycare, get him home, fed, bathed and to bed..  It seemed like an impossible task..

In the car I blasted some loud music, trying to pump myself up, all that did was worsen my headache..As I rolled up to his daycare, I had no idea how on EARTH I would get thru the next few hours with an active toddler..

Well, I did it.  I reached all the way in, passed all of the other strength I have reached for,  and grabbed, the mother load...It worked.  When QT came running to me yelling "my mommy!" I happily reached out my arms..The rest of the night was the usual crazy fun time we always have.

I was proud of myself and gave myself a mommy pat on the back..I was doubtful of my ability to rise above the dark cloud surrounding me, but I managed. It is amazing how as a moms, we are able to find that inner strength and bag of patience to take care of our little ones..Honestly, QT is the only one for whom I can do that.

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  1. I think our desire to rise above that dark cloud is what will help our kid(s) the most. I hope so, at least.