Thursday, May 3, 2012


Welcome to my new blog.  Pull up a chair and our yourself a cocktail.  To paraphrase Betty Davis in "All About Eve", this will be a bumpy ride.

My life is at a crossroads right now, my husband (lets call him H) and I are heading for a trial separation.  We have a toddler (lets call him QT, get it? QT? cutie??)..I am at a loss as to how this separation will work out, my hope is that it will bring us back together as a family. 

I would hate for QT to be exposed anymore to the fighting and tension that has invaded our home.  Right now, I really just want H to leave the house.  He is on the hunt for a place to live.  We have yet to figure out how long our time away from each other will be.

My therapist told me that in order to figure out what all of this means to me, I need to peek inside the cloud that has been following me for months.  To really dissect it to get to the root of all this unhappiness.  So, that is what I will try to do in this blog.

So join me on this ride..Don't forget to buckle up..


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging:). I too began my first blog during a very tumultuous time of separation.... Meeting other women in similar situations brought me much insight and comfort on those long child sharing nights.... My heart goes out to you...: just remember you are never alone.

  2. I look forward to more updates. Blogging has helped me sort out my thoughts, if nothing else.